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Police Brigadier General VICENTE D DANAO JR said on his assumption speech, “More police visibility on the streets to maintain peace and order in our region. Let us flood the streets of Metro Manila with policemen in order to ensure the safety and security of our constituents.”

Said maximized deployment of personnel on the ground helps prevent crime from occurring and the immediate apprehension of criminals and or lawless elements from their nefarious activities.

Following the directives of the Acting, Regional Director, Pasay City Police Station deployed police officers on patrol and were able to respond to the alleged robbery of four suspects armed with firearms and deadly weapon (fan knife) at about 11:50 PM of November 23, 2020 at SOGO Hotel Room 556 located along Roxas Blvd Service Road, Barangay 13 Pasay City.

The four suspects were identified as:

a. JOHN APRIL GOMEZ y CASTRO, male, 26 years old, single, jobless, residing at Leveriza Street, Barangay 34 Pasay City;

b. RALPH JENRIC MANAHAN y GUERRERA, male, single, 20 years old, residing at Northside 1200 Makati City;

c. JOHN MICHAEL ROMERO y REGALA, male, 23 years old, married, residing at Barangay 34 Pasay City and

d. ALLAN ROMERO Y REGALA, male, Barangay Kagawad in Pasay City presently residing at Barangay 34 Pasay City.

Investigation disclosed that while Police Officers were conducting Mobile Patrol along Roxas Blvd corner Service Road, Barangay 13 Pasay City, when the security guard of Sogo Hotel called their attention for alleged commotion between four male suspects and a male Chinese national.

Wasting no time, the police officers immediately responded at the area and saw suspect 3 (John Michael Romero) drew his gun, prompting the responding police officers to order him to lay down his firearms (Caliber 45 loaded with eight live ammunition) and face the ground.

Thereafter, they effected the arrest to the said suspects. Suspect also yielded one (1) bladed weapon (Fan Knife) from his possession and the taken belongings from the victim such as; Five-thousand-peso bill and one (1) unit VIVO A5S and One (1) IPhone 11; One (1) Mio I color magenta with no plate number.

Suspects were brought to Pasay City General Hospital for Physical Examination and subsequently referred to SIDMB, Pasay CPS for investigation and proper disposition.

PBGEN DANAO commended the prompt action of the cops who protected and secured the victim from the four male suspects. “I would like to congratulate Pasay City Police Station for carrying their mandate. The public can assure more police officers patrolling for their safety and security and to give them the service that they deserved,” he concluded.