The Philippine National Police (PNP) National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) or PNP NCRPO which used to be known as the Philippine Constabulary Metropolitan Command of PC METROCOM was created by virtue of Executive Order Nr 85 dated July 5, 1967 as a Special Strike Force of the Police Forces in Metro Manila.  The needs for it arise when an upward trend in crime was noted with the then existing four (4) cities and thirteen (13) municipalities comprising Metropolitan Manila.

The command then was given the mission to conduct operations in order to neutralize National Security Threats in Metro Manila and to support the Local Police Forces in the suppression and prevention of crime.

On March 21, 1974, the Metropolitan Police Force came into existence by virtue of Presidential Decree Nr 421. The Presidential Decree integrates all Police, Jail, and Fire Departments within Metro Manila under the designated Commanding General of the METROCOM as concurrent head of the unit.

After the successful People’s Power Revolution in February 1986, The PC METROCOM was renamed PC Capital Region Command or PC CAPCOM.

Within the passing of Republic Act 6975, otherwise known as the PNP Law, The PC/INP was abolished and in place, the Philippine National Police was created.

In compliance with the provision of RA 6975, as stated that NCR may have two (2) Regional Offices.  Napolcom issued Resolution Nr 93-4 to create two Regional Offices known as NORTH and SOUTH CAPCOM.  Since the word “may”, recreation of two (2) NCR Regional Offices, in RA 6975 is merely permissive and not mandatory.  Pursuant to NAPOLCOM Resolution Nr 93-012 dtd 12 April 1993 both NORTH and SOUTH CAPCOM deactivated and subsequently same resolution, PNP CAPITAL COMMAND (CAPCOM) was activated.  After a year PNP CAPCOM was renamed National Capital Region Command or PNP NCRC.

On 31 June 1996 the PNP NCRC was renamed PNP National Capital Region Police Office or NCRPO, pursuant to NAPOLCOM Resolution Nr 96-058 amending Resolution 92-36 on the streamlining of the PNP Organizational Structure and the reiterating the role of Police Regional and Provincial Offices.

Presently, the PNP NCRPO is the primary unit of the Philippine National Police in the Peace keeping and Orderliness and Public Safety Campaign in Metro Manila.

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