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The Regional Explosive Canine Unit personnel have demonstrated capabilities in handling explosives during the 1st PNP Command Conference presided by the Chief Philippine National Police, PGEN DEBOLD M SINAS with the members of his Command Group, Directorial Staff, Regional Directors of the 17 Police Regional Offices (PROs), Directors of National Administrative Support Units(NASUs), National Operational Support Units (NOSUs) District Directors of the Five Police District of NCRPO and other senior officers  at Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City on November 28, 2020.

The field demonstration was held at RECU-NCR Compound, wherein EOD personnel demonstrated the K9 Capabilities in handling explosive related incidents with the use of the Explosive Detector Dog, MK3 Caliber Robot and Mobile Bomb Basket”

The first set of demonstration is the explosive odor recognition and detection through detail search is a common method of search used during the conduct of panelling operations.

Aside from the daily walk, the K9 also  performed the obstacle course by climbing on the stairs, jumping on the ring, climbing on a slope, crossing barriers, hurdles and passing through a concrete pipes.  

Followed  by the off leash search. It is a method used in high risk type of search wherein the exact location of explosive is unknown. This technique is being done to surely minimize the potential hazard posed to the handler.  To confirm the placement of the explosive item, another dog was sent for confirmation and sit exactly on the area where the first K9 sited.

With the indication given by the explosive detector dogs. A render safe procedure was undertaken by the EOD technicians, P1 and P2. P1 is wearing black bomb suit while P2 is wearing green bomb suit.  With the help of a tool man, P1 prepared to carry a hook and line kit for the remote removal vehicle access entry by placing a peg first to serve as an anchor to the rope in a 90 degrees angle to produce a mechanical advantage to lessen the tension of the rope. He then goes back to a safe place so that P2 can now work for the counter measure charge inside the bomb basket in preparation for the disruption operation. Once P2 settled, the tool man now applied the remote removal procedure by pulling the rope to gain rear door access entry.  The door of the car was opened and the EOD team extracted the suspected item and place it in the bomb basket for a render safe procedure.

 The EOD team utilized a remote removal technique using the MK3 Robot and once extracted the bag, turned around and moving to remotely handle the bag and place it to the bomb basket where a loud explosion was experienced as part of the render safe procedure.

The RECU NCR has already conducted more than 23,296 panelling operations from January to present and is maintaining 49 explosive detector dogs and 4 narcotic detector dogs.