Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


Official Statement of PBGEN VICENTE D DANAO JR Acting Regional Director, NCRPO Official Statement of New Year’s Message for NCRPO Personnel

Happy New Year to all!

The Team NCRPO guarantees heightened presence of police officers within the streets of Metro Manila to ensure safety and security of everyone while celebrating the upcoming New Year.

I would like to remind everyone to refrain from using illegal firecrackers to reduce the risks of firecracker related injuries. In the same manner, we also discourage gatherings that might prejudice the health and safety protocols set by the government.

I call all gun owners to include the men and women in uniform, to be responsible and to avoid indiscriminate firing. We cannot afford endangering lives of others by firing guns whimsically or capriciously. At the end of the day, entering 2021 safe and sound is our top priority.

On this note, I encourage all the men and women of NCRPO to look at the new year as a new opportunity to be the best we can be, to strive harder, to overcome offenses and to magnify love for our country.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!