Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


NCRPO’S 15 Dos AND Donts

1. Always be in proper prescribed uniform while on duty and in the performance of other law enforcement function and must adhere to “TAMANG BIHIS”;

2. Always be approachable and courteous in dealing with the people especially with those seeking police assistance;

3. Not to accept money, gifts and/or favors from anyone at all times in relation to his/her duties and responsibilities;

4. Not to sleep, doze on post, abandon post, nor do unnecessary things while on duty;

5. Not to engage in prohibited acts, while on duty like drinking liquor, entering house of ill refutes and/or gambling dens except on official business;

6. Not to engage in any moonlighting activities such as driving public utility vehicle (UBER/Grab/UV Express etc.);

7. Carry himself/herself and his/her uniform in a manner that evoke positive feedback from the public;

8. Always report for duty on time and avoid tardiness;

9. Strictly observed and follow the rules of law and respect for human rights;

10. Not to use his/her cellular phone while on duty except during instances as stipulated in NCRPO memorandum dates June 6, 2017;

11. Not to urinate in places other than the designated areas (restroom, public urinating area);

12. Not to smoke while on duty and in uniform;

13. Not to violate traffic rules and regulations;

14. Not to use vulgar or insulting languages or exhibit similar ruddiness to the public; and

15. Observe courtesy to officers/senior officers inside and outside the office.