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National Capital Region Police Office



In order to invigorate its Health Personnel the basic knowledge, skills and attitude health emergency response system, the National Capital Region Police Office in coordination with the Philippine Heart Association conducted the Basic Life Support Ceremony on October 13, 2020 and October 14, 2020.

During the Opening Ceremony on October 13, 2020 at the Social Hinirang Hall, Camp PMGen Tomas B Karingal Sikatuna Village Quezon City, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS emphasized that NCRPO has been integrating the importance of health wellness through the Corona Virus Awareness Response and Empowerment (C.A.R.E) Infodemic Seminar being conducted all over Metro Manila. CARE Program includes “Galaw galaw para sa Covid” a 1-4 minute workout to promote the value of exercise and physical stamina among participants.

Consequently, the Basic Life Support (BLS) training aims to provide health personnel the ability to recognize several life threatening emergencies, provide a level of pre-hospital life support care for those with life threatening conditions until they can be transferred to a hospital to receive full medical care. Therefore, CPR -equipped personnel is primodial to save lives in a work setting or any other untoward incidents.

A total of 50 nurses attended the first day of CPR-Basic Life Support (BLS) Training conducted by a team of 10 cardiologists and emergency technicians from the PHA while 4 medical doctors, 1 dentist and 52 nurses attended the second day in the same venue this October 14, 2020.

“Police officers as first-responders should not only be knowledgeable about policies, procedures, and measures but also with safety considerations governing the commitment to ensure safety of the Filipino people,” emphasized PMGEN SINAS.

Nonetheless, the BLS is necessary to equip and train the station health units to a higher level and for them to pass on their CPR skills to the other members of the PNP.

“This training is just one of the NCRPO’s efforts for the betterment of our public service. Now more than ever, we need responsive and knowledgeable nurse-cops to aid in this health crisis that we are experiencing,” said PMGEN SINAS.