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The National Capital Region Police Office under the helm of PMGEN VICENTE D DANAO JR reached out to 35 Ybanag families in a small Sitio in Barangay Santo Rosario, Silangan, Municipality of Pateros led by Tatay Celso Canceran, a Tricycle Driver & Sitio Leader of the said place.

The Ybanag families were among the households who were severely affected by the crisis brought by the pandemic.

Amid the intensification of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Metro Manila, most of them were laid off from their jobs as laborers, construction workers and TODA/JODA drivers.

Positively however, NCRPO was elated to notice that the small community managed to start out a small vegetable garden to ensure additional healthy food supply for every family in the neighborhood.

Among the vegetables they were able to grow were camote tops, kangkong, sitaw, papaya, malunggay; saluyot, squash, talong and chili.  Aside from raising livestock such as 45 days chicken and peking duck.

Growing your own food creates a more diverse and healthy diet packed with all the necessary vitamins and minerals without the toxins and other inorganic materials such as fertilizers and pesticides present in most commercial farm produced products.

This initiative proves the unquestionable capability of every person to come up with ways to survive despite the current health crisis without prejudicing the nutritional needs of every family especially the children.

“We were happy to see that this small community was able to come up with ways to ease the ill effects of this crisis especially to them who were laid off from work. We actually came there to help them out but instead, they made us realize a very important lesson about survival; that nothing is impossible to a person with a strong will and determination to survive.” Said PMGEN VICENTE D DANAO JR.

NCRPO distributed food packs and health kits to the aforementioned community to provide additional support for their sustenance and well-being. Other than engaging the vulnerable sectors of our community. This is also one way to support the government’s program on EO # 70 (ELCAC) under Cluster 4 (PRELIC) and in support to the National Greening Program of the Government under EO # 23.

The said Sitio will be the first to benefit the NCRPO SIBOL Program under the ENTENG Barangays.

What we admire from them is their initiative to put up vegetable gardens & raising of native chicken to augment their needs, a typical trait from the north (industriousness)

Tomorrow, Team NCRPO will help them clean their Sitio, give insights on Urban Gardening & know more of their concerns.

We also plan to give brandnew tires & repair the wornout seat cover & shade of Manong Celso’s Tricycle.

Before Team NCRPO, KKDAT Pateros & Team SPD left, He said “mabbalo kayo!”, an Ybanag expression of heartfelt thanks & gratitude to PMGEN VICENTE DUPA DANAO JR & Team NCRPO for the visit, food packs & health kits.###