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Relative to the move of NCRPO under the helm of PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS to design a program that will instill DOH protocols and other necessary information to the community, the Coronavirus Awareness Response and Empowerment (CARE) Infodemic Drive is now on its third week and rolling in the five districts of Metro Manila. CARE is a series of socio-civic activities which aim to attain maximum information dissemination.

Coronavirus Awareness Response and Empowerment (CARE) Infodemic Drive which kicked off on September 22, 2020, was envisioned to help in the fight against Corona Virus 19 through conveyance of its origin, symptoms, complications, mode of transmission, prevention and help dispel misinformation about COVID-19.

Among the topics discussed are COVID-19 and its origin, updates on the number of COVID-19 cases in NCR, and preventive measures based from the guidelines provided by Department of Health, Department of Interior and Local Government and Inter-Agency Task Force.

In order to ensure the effectivity and readiness for the infodemic, NCRPO leadership provided the equipments necessary for the activities. There were 7 units each of lenovo laptop, epson projector, digital wireless microphone, lapel, and laser presenter purchased by the NCRPO and turned over to the units and districts. During the seminar, the community was engaged in a presentation of lecture based on information from Regional Health Service as well as national and global reputable health organizations. Attendees, after every infodemic drive, received NCRPO “Health Pack”, includes 2 pcs face shields, 2 pcs face Masks, beauche beauty soap, dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, and detergent powder. There were also food packs and safety tips flyers distributed for all.

From September 22-26 , 2020 and September 29-October 3, 2020 a total of 133 activities all over the region was conducted, 91 barangays were visited and there are 4,326 participants who already benefit from the said program. The Regional Community Affairs Division had a total of 622 participants for the seminar; RMFB had 589 participants; there are 694 people who attended from NPD; EPD had 555 constituents who joined the project; MPD had 540; while SPD had 776 participants and QCPD reached a total of 550 participants. Most of them were grandmothers, mothers, female head of household, and eldest daughter because they are the most responsible of their household, especially in ensuring the welfare and safety of their family members against COVID-19.

To personally oversee the conduct of the program, PMGEN SINAS visited the Multipurpose Hall of Barangay Concepcion Dos, Marikina City on October 10, 2020 at around 1:30 PM. He sat as an observer during the conduct of Infodemic Drive being conducted by the Speakers Bureau of DCADD-EPD, and the SCADU of Marikina City Police Station. In this event, 35 housewives from Brgy Concepcion Dos have actively participated in the program.

In order to promote the value of exercise and physical stamina among the participants which is essential to fight the virus, Coach Jim Saret and Coach Toni Saret introduced doable exercises on the said event. The Regional Director himself has actively taken the lead in performing the exercises.

“The efforts we put in this CARE Infodemic Drive is very significant especially that thousands of people are being reached and have heard the consequential information to curb the spread and prevent the contraction of the virus. We will continue this initiative until we reach thousands more residents of Metro Manila. We appreciate the time shared with us by the participants which only proves that they are eager to learn and protect their families,” said PMGEN SINAS.