Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office



NCRPO Chief, PMGEN VICENTE D DANAO JR is maximizing optimum efforts in order to serve the people of Metro Manila.

The challenge to maintain the safety and security of NCR while reaching out to the people who were greatly affected by pandemic was magnificently accepted and being surpassed by the men and women of NCRPO under the stern stint of their Regional Director.

Under the leadership of RD DANAO, he implemented the NCRPO Serbisyong TAMA Caravan sa Barangay in relation to PNP BARANGAYanihan where police force extends help to the vulnerable sectors of the community region-wide with a total of 794,551 beneficiaries from January 1- July 23, 2021.

A total of 547,229 health kits, 463,348 food packs; 90,304 medicines, 455,547 Cooked Food (lugaw/ sopas), and Php294,676 cash assistance were given to the poorest of the poor to alleviate poverty and/or sustain their needs during this time of pandemic.

Then, the “Libreng Sakay”of NCRPO is continuously rolling within Metro Manila to help multitudes of commuters. There were 17, 740 trucks and patrol cars dispatched and 37,585 police personnel deployed in order to conduct said program. With a total of 32,468 trips conducted. NCRPO units were able to assist 156,924 passenger’s region-wide.

NCRPO also mobilized the community in order to realize 50, 564 activities for their benefit. A total of 174,240 Non-Government Organizations/ Civilian Volunteer Organization thru Joint activities helped the NCRPO in its endeavor. There were 34,388 who participated in relief distribution while 53,814 participated in Quarantine Control Points and checkpoints to ensure observance of community protocols.

Among the other organizations are 60,120 Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams, 182,014 Civilian Volunteer Organization members, 189,125 Barangay Tanods and 102,236 members of the KKDAT/SK.

NCRPO also assured that only proper information reaches the people, thus, strengthened their Covid 19 awareness programs. They concluded 197, 222 Oplan Bandillo reaching 10,398,114 members of the society. There were also 22,940 tarpaulins and billboards posted along with 1,148 radio and television interviews. Covid 19 awareness was also maximized through social media wherein 430,193 info graphics and videos were posted online.

On the other hand, the project Retooled Community Support Program is currently on the move to disseminate proper information regarding insurgency and encourages the community to voice out their concerns. A total of 513 meetings were conducted, 101 lectures were imparted,25 Memorandum of Agreements were signed and 29 clean-up drives were concluded. There were also 31 skills training, 179 organizing,20 urban gardening and a total of 1, 304 different activities conducted under the RCSP program.

Meanwhile, acknowledging the role of the community in peace building and nation building, several advocacy groups took their oath of allegiance to support the endeavors of NCRPO. As of July 23, 2021, a total of 2,409,735 accumulated members of different advocacy groups pledged and signed a peace covenant towards safe and secured barangay communities.

According to records, among the advocacy groups are the 258,292 members of KALIGKASAN from different districts; 134,227 KKDATS; 177, 337 AIPP; 10,140 FNKN; 44, 471 NCITAC and 31,314 GLOBAL PCR.

Similarly, there are a total of 412,709 force multipliers; 199, 477 women/LGBT; 942,931 BARANGAY based and 198,837 FAITH based groups who are now cooperating with NCRPO’s different activities that will benefit not only them but their neighborhood as a whole.

PMGEN DANAO JR leads his men to work even on weekends to ensure effective delivery of service to community. All of the listed accomplishments are the result of his commitment to duty and sincere consideration to others. He himself does not rest and assures that the members of the community are safe, protected and heard 24/7. “Serbisyo ng TAMA: TApat,may tapang at MAlasakit sa taumbayan.”###