Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office



National Capital Region Police Office Acting Regional Director PBGEN VICENTE D DANAO JR commends the PNP Northern NCR Maritime Police Station for the immediate arrest of a former policeman for extortion inside the Navotas Fish port Complex at about 8:31PM on December 4, 2020.

In a report forwarded at the office of ARD, the suspect was identified as Patrolman Don Osias II y Quiroz also known as Don, 39 years old, assigned at the Regional Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit (RPHAU), NCRPO who went on Absence without leave (AWOL) for the last two years.

Investigation disclosed that after receiving numerous complaints regarding the activity of the suspect at the Navotas Fish Port, authorities plotted an entrapment operation. A police officer posed as a stevedore in one of the parked delivery trucks. The suspect who was wearing PNP FSU approached the said truck and demanded money from the driver. Upon receiving the marked money, police officers approached the suspect and identified themselves as PNP Maritime Police and asked him to raise his hand. Upon seeing the police officers, the suspect tried to draw something from his waist that prompted the arresting officers to shoot the leg of the suspect to incapacitate him. Suspect is currently admitted at a Medical Center for treatment of sustained gunshot wounds

Recovered evidence from the possession of the suspect was composed of 100, 50 and 20 peso bills, one genuine 100 peso bill powder dusted which was used as entrapment money and One (1) black Motorstar Easyride 150-11 Motorcycle. Meanwhile, pieces of evidence confiscated was turned over to the Northern Police District Crime Laboratory Office for further examination.

Following the arrest, Team NCRPO immediately acted decisively on the incident. Appropriate criminal charges (Robbery Extortion; Usurpation of Authority and Resistance and Disobedience to a Person in Authority) and Administrative cases (Grave Misconduct) have been filed. PBGEN Danao stated that Team NCRPO regrets and is deeply concerned that some of its personnel are involved in a number of criminal incidents. We want to assure the public that the PNP leadership does not and will not tolerate such criminal acts and serious violations of public trust.

“Tracker teams have been deployed to arrest those who are still doing their nefarious activities. We are also proposing that the arrested person be detained in city jails to erase suspicion of special treatment.” PBGEN Danao added.

Moreover, PBGEN Danao directed all Police commanders to exercise their disciplinary authority judiously and with patch. “They should throw the book of errant policemen. Delays in decision and complacency should not be an excuse on matters pertaining to personnel discipline and will never be tolerated.” PBGEN Danao ended. ###