The National Capital Region Police Chief PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS spearheaded the simulation exercise in coordination with Mr. Jimmy Chua, Safety and Security Manager, LRTA 2 in preparation for the resumption of LRTA operations in the Metro.

The simulation exercise aims to test the effectivity and applicability of protocols in actual scenario through the help of NCRPO Police Trainees who acted as test passengers.

Among the initiatives of Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) 2 tested were the following:

a. Passenger Distribution Control Protocol- only a total of 160 from the original 1,600 passengers will be accomodated per platform to give way to the implememtation of an effective crowd control procedures.

b. Social Distancing Protocol-
a one-way yellow lines are placed in entrances, x-ray machine lines, stairs, platform areas, holding areas, connecting lines, link bridges, payment areas, and other places frequented by passengers to guide them as to the distance they must keep from other persons around them.

c. Safety Protocols-
Prevention and safety measures were installed such as foot baths and disinfecting mats, hand held metal detector for searching deadly weapon and other prohibited items, thermal scanners to prevent those with a temperature exceeding 37.8°C from entering the premises and alcohol/sanitizing gels were also made available but the passengers may opt to wash their hands in station toilets with soap and running water.

d. Informational Campaign
Banners, posters, tarpaulines and other visual aids were made available within the premises to enhance awareness on safety protocols being implemented inside the station.

Meanwhile, on top of the the above-mentioned initiatives, each train will undergo extensive satinitation procedure upon reaching the last station by the end of every trip.

“Public safety is our primordial concern. Our citizens will be needing public transport to go to work and other places and the LRT is one of the indispensable and fastest mode of transportation in Metro Manila. Surely, most of our people will take this as an option for their daily transport. Hence, we are working in close partnership with LRTA to guarantee public safety should we finally come to the resumption of public transport,” PMGEN SINAS said.


The National Capital Region Police Office headed by its Chief, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS initiated to give assistance to the family of the deceased 13 year old girl who died in an accident after their house fell in the nearby creek in Quezon City.

The assistance was received in the form of financial aid and relief goods by TERESA MACABAGDAL and SANNY MACABAGDAL on behalf of the victims.

Initial report disclosed that the family of the deceased were living near a creek in Parkway Barangay Obrero, Quezon City. According to the witnesses, while they were outside their home at about 1:45 PM of May 25, 2020, they heard a loud trembling noise which prompted them to verify what happened.

Dreaded, they saw their house fell off the creek and the victims were pinned down by the debris. Immediately, they sought the assistance of their neighbors to remove the debris and rescue the wounded.

Consequently, the injured were rushed to the hospital on board Brgy. Obrero Ambulance for medical treatment but one of them was declared dead on arrival at around 2:59 PM that day by the attending physician, DR. ROMMEL BESA.

Meanwhile, the other victims were brought to East Avenue Medical Center where they confined.

The tragic incident worsened the burden of the family not just economically but more so emotionally amid the current health crisis.

The National Capital Region Police Office mourns with the family of the victims and aims to provide them aid to somehow alleviate their current plight.

“We mourn with the family of the deceased child. We hope that somehow Team NCRPO has helped them ease their burden. Together, let us conquer this pandemic,” PMGEN SINAS said.

Malate Police Nabs Station’s Top 2 Most Wanted Person In Batangas

NCRPO CHIEF POLICE MAJOR GENERAL DEBOLD M SINAS commends the Manila’s Finest for apprehending Number 2 Top Most Wanted Personality Malate Police Station at about 9:40pm of May 24, 2020 at Sitio Pangao, Barangay Quilo South, Padre Garcia, Batangas.

Records show that the accused is identified as Paolo R Villarin, 22 years old, Male, Single, Jobless and residing at 2049 Singalong St. Malate, Manila. He was arrested by virtue of Warrant of Arrest with Criminal Case No. 17-335241 issued and signed by Hon. Emily L. San Gaspar-Gito of Branch 5 RTC Manila.

Elements of Station Intelligence Branch of Malate Police Station through the information given by a confidential informant conducted a week long surveillance and monitoring against Villarin before a positive validation yielded. Lateral coordination with Batangas Provincial led to the arrest of the accused.

Accused is now under custody of Malate Police Station for booking procedures and pending the return of his warrant.

“The NCRPO remains constant in its drive to apprehend lawless elements. Warrants must be duly served wherever they try to hide,” said NCRPO Chief POLICE MAJOR GENERAL DEBOLD M SINAS.


The NCRPO CHIEF, POLICE MAJOR GENERAL DEBOLD M SINAS spearheaded the distribution of relief goods of NCRPO personnel to the different masjid region wide which started last May 22, 2020 to celebrate the observance of Eid Al- Fitr 2020.

A total of 7,500 relief goods were given to Imams to be distributed to all the Muslim brothers and sister in the different Metro Manila Masjids such as Brgy. Maharlika Village, Taguig City;  Brgy Tumana, Marikina City; Pasig City; Golden Masjid, Quiapo Manila; Islamic Center, Manila; Salam Compound, Brgy Culiat Quezon City; Burbank, North Fairview, Quezon City; Brgy. Holy Spirit Quezon City.

To this end, Muslim leaders expressed their gratitude to the NCRPO for celebrating with them this important day, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

“Team NCRPO would like to extend our warmest greetings to all our Filipino Muslim brothers and sisters and to all Muslims worldwide on this year’s celebration of Eid’l Fitr. We pray that Allah bless you every day, bring you happiness and lead you to a prosperous and safe year,” said POLICE MAJOR GENERAL DEBOLD M SINAS.

Top Most Wanted Person Arrested In Caloocan

Chief NCRPO, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS commended the elements of  Caloocan City Police Station for the successful arrest of its Top 3 Most Wanted Person in Caloocan City today.

Initial report disclosed that the manhunt operation was plotted following an information received from a confidential informant that the accused was allegedly transferring from one place to another to elude arrest.

Hence, casing, surveillance and joint police operations were conducted along the areas of Barangay 175 in Caloocan City until he was arrested by the operatives of Warrant and Subpoena Section and Station Intelligence Branch of Caloocan City Police Station at about 10:30 AM of May 25, 2020 along A. Mabini St., Barangay 175, Camarin, Caloocan City.

The accused was identified as DARWIN ACE VILLAFLORES y SUGEDE, 20 years old, male, with live-in partner, factory worker and a resident of No. 2971, A. Mabini St., Pag-Asa, Barangay 175, Camarin, Caloocan City.

He was arrested by virtue of a standing warrant of arrest for MURDER docketed under Criminal Case No. C-112100 issued by Hon. GLENDA K. CABELLO-MARIN, Presiding Judge of Branch 124, Regional Trial Court, Caloocan City.

The arrested person was brought to Caloocan City Police Station pending the return of the warrant and issuance of commitment order by the court.

“I am elated by the ceaseless effort of my men in tracking and hunting down wanted persons in the Metro. Their dedication to duty is truly commendable for remains unwavering despite the stringent call of duty in the frontlines amid the COVID 19 pandemic,” PMGEN SINAS said.

No 7, Top Most Wanted Person Of MPD Arrested In Davao

NCRPO Chief PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS lauded the successful manhunt operation which resulted in the arrest of number 7 District Most Wanted Person of the Manila Police District.

The manhunt operation which resulted from the intelligence packet developed by personnel of MDIT, RIUNCR for more than a month with the technical assistance from TSD in coordination with the Manila Police District Intelligence Division and District Special Operations Unit.

The accused was identified as Christopher P. Hilario. He is listed as Number 7 in the District Most Wanted Person of MPD, NCRPO.

Investigation report disclosed that on May 23, 2020 at about 5:00 PM,  personnel from Davao CIT, RIU11 together with Sasa Police Station (PS-4) of Davao City Police Office (DCPO) arrested the accused in Km 12, Brgy Sasa,  Davao City.

He was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest for the crime of Murder with Criminal Case No. R-MNL-17-48-46-CR issued by Presiding Judge Maria Paz R. Reyes-Yson of RTC, Branch 54, Manila City with no bail recommended.

“I commend the effort of my men in the conduct of manhunt operation against wanted persons. This will not be possible without the indispensable help of our counterparts from other police region and agencies. We are very grateful for your help,” said PMGEN SINAS.

NCRPO’S Intensified COVID 19 Awareness Drive

Awareness is often regarded as the key indicator of success in a range of performance environments. It is one of the most important ingredients because it is where every successful task and undertaking begins.

Amid the current fight against COVID-19, reputable organizations like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) leads the initiation of efforts to promote the facts about the virus and counter falsehoods.

In support of this endeavor, the National Capital Region Police Office under the leadership of PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS, together with PLTCOL RUBY GRACE DIANGSON, MD, Medico-Legal Officer, Team Leader of NCRPO Quick Response Team (QRT) and PLTCOL LOI SOLOMON GARCIA M.D (Ret.) Analyst/Specialist, Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease continuously conduct ‘Intensified Awareness Campaign Against COVID-19’ to NCRPO personnel in different police districts and stations.

Among the stations visited for the campaign were the Quezon City Police District particularly Police Stations 1 to 10 and Police Station 12 from May 18, 19 & 20; the Eastern Police District particularly Marikina City Police Station, Pasig City Police Station, Mandaluyong City Police Station & San Juan City Police Station on  May 21, 2020; and the  Northern Police District particularly Valenzuela City Police Station, Malabon City Police Station, Navotas City Police Station and Caloocan City Police Station on May 22, 2020.

During the series of lectures, PLTCOL RUBY GRACE DIANGSON, MD, discussed the procedural precautions directives and guidelines against COVID-19, the Department of Health (DOH) Advisories, safety measures during the modified enhanced community quarantine, the “New Normal” in workplaces and at home, Precautionary measures such as the strict implementation of physical distancing, frequent hand washing and disinfection, wearing of facemask and eye protector were extremely encouraged to be practiced by every police officer as the first line of protection to prevent from being infected by COVID-19. Finally, the importance of boosting one’s immune system and psychosocial health support were emphasized to maintain a healthy physical and psychological condition amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, PLTCOL LOI SOLOMON GARCIA, MD (Ret.) discussed the importance of hazard control in workplaces including the Hierarchy of Control composed of Elimination, Substitution, Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls and PPE. The lecture focuses on the procedure on how to reduce or minimize the frontliner’s exposure to infectious diseases like COVID-19.

This campaign aims to enhance the knowledge of each and every police personnel on how to prevent the spread of the virus in order to boost their confidence as they serve and protect the community. 

“Amid the increasing number of those infected by the disease, we would like to boost the confidence of our men in the frontline on how to better address issues relative to this phenomenon. We would like to arm them with the necessary awareness to fight the “unseen enemy”. It is imperative especially during these trying times that our frontliners know the kind of enemy at hand,” PMGEN SINAS said.

San Juan Police Hauls 360K Of Illegal Drugs

POLICE MAJOR GENERAL DEBOLD M SINAS commends San Juan City Police for apprehending 3 drug suspects and recovering Php 360K of illegal drugs in a buy bust operation that transpired on May 23,2020 at no. 31-H Panganiban building, Aurora bld., Brgy. Salapan, San Juan City.

Records show that Joint Buy-Bust Operation on Saturday around 2PM at San Juan City resulted in the apprehension of three drug suspects identified as Carolina Delo Santos y Santiago, 47 years old, jobless, residing at no. 31-H Panganiban building, Aurora bld., Brgy. Salapan, San Juan City; Romulo Ignacio y Jaylo, 41 years old, tricycle driver, residing at no. 31-H Panganiban Building, Aurora bld., Brgy. Salapan, San Juan City; and Roehl Escarcha y Tan, 40 years old, married, tricycle driver, residing at Rd 17 Maguindanao Street, New lower Bicutan, Taguig City.

The operation was conducted wherein an operative acted as a poseur buyer. Upon consummation of the drug deal, operatives effected the arrest. Further, investigation revealed that Delos Santos is listed in the unified drugs watch list of San Juan City Police District

Confiscated from the possession of the suspects were five (5) pcs of heat sealed transparent plastic sachets containing white crystalline substance suspected to be shabu with approximately 53 grams total weight with estimated DDB value of PHP 360,400.00.

Confiscated drug evidence will be submitted to Crime Laboratory Office for qualitative and quantitative examination.

Arrested suspects were temporarily detained at San Juan CPS Custodial Facility for booking and documentation. Criminal complaints for violation of RA 9165 is being prepared for Inquest proceedings.

“The NCRPO remains dedicated in eradicating illegal drugs in the region. The momentum in fighting in this campaign will continue no matter the pandemic crisis we are experiencing,” said PMGEN SINAS.

NCRPO To Activates Fire Base Section, Acquires Own Firetruck

Fire destroys property, causes injuries, and takes lives. Education regarding the hazards and safety protocol and other fire safety initiatives is therefore imperative. Moreover, it is necessary that equipment for fire prevention and control are present and available in case the unexpected occurs.

Towards this end, the National Capital Region Police Office under the leadership of PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS was able to acquire one fire truck through the donation from the Regional Advisory Council (RAC)-NCRPO.

The fire truck was retrofitted and is now in good operational condition. To ensure that the equipment is properly taken care of and will be used accordingly, NCRPO coordinated with Taguig City BFP for the training of personnel who will man the said fire truck.

They underwent a three-day seminar/training on Fire Suppression Technique at the NCRPO Parade ground under the mentorship of the Bureau of Fire Protection Taguig City.

Discussed during the lecture were the proper operation of fire truck and its equipment. In addition, each lecture was followed by practical exercises.

These preparations paved way to the launching of a Base Fire Section on April 1, 2020 under the Camp Security Section of the Regional Headquarters Support Unit of NCRPO.

The Fire Base Section is composed of 12 personnel whose primary function is to immediately respond to fire incident inside the camp or nearby areas while waiting for other firetrucks to arrive. 

At present, the Fire Base Section facilitates  the camp decontamination by spraying disinfectants to alleys, pathwalks, roads and other places inside the camp. Further, they also help in watering the plants and distribution of water considering the dryness caused by the scorching heat of the sun.

This is in addition to their primary function to respond in case of fire and assist any conflagration within the vicinity of Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City.

“We are upgrading our operational capabilities and this equipment is an indispensable aid to uphold the safety of the camp and my men in case any untoward incident involving fire shall occur. We have always believed that prevention is better than cure. Finally, I would like to thank our stakeholders for their generosity in sending us donations thereby making this endeavor possible,” PMGEN SINAS said.


The National Capital Region Police Office under the leadership of PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS recorded one of the biggest amount of shabu confiscated by local police during an anti-illegal drug operation at about 7:00 pm of May 22,2020 along North bound, C6 Road, Lower Bicutan, Taguig City.

Combined anti illegal drug efforts of Regional Intelligence Division/Regional Special Operations Unit- NCRPO, Regional Drug Enforcement Agency, District Intelligence Division- Southern Police District and Taguig City Police Station together with Philippine National Police- Drug Enforcement Group Special Operations Unit 4 resulted to an armed encounter against the two (2) armed suspects.

NCRPO Chief, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS identified the suspects as Ryan F Labandaria and Ervyn Querubin.

Investigation disclosed the arrest was made through a buy-bust operation conducted wherein an operative acted as a poseur buyer. However, after exchanging the buybust money with the shabu, the suspects noticed that they were dealing with a Police Operative. Suspect Labandria suddenly pulled out a firearm and pointed at the under cover agent, prompting other operatives to defend their fellow. While in the process of scuffle, the suspects on board a black colored Nissan Navarra vehicle driven by Querubin sped off going to Barangay New Lower, Taguig City. A car chase ensued that eventually caused the death of the two drug suspects.

Upon apprehension of the suspects, operatives yielded twelve (12) Large packs of dangerous drugs wrapped in Chinese Tea Bag packaging with estimated weight of more or less 12 Kilograms of suspected Methamphetamine Hydrochloride, commonly known as “Shabu”, and with an estimated DDB Value of Php 81,600,000.00;

-Buybust money of Php 1 Million pesos;

-1 Toyota Altis;

-1 Nissan Navarra;

-1 caliber 45 pistol with 1 magazine loaded with six (6) live ammunition; and

-1 KG9 sub machine gun with 1 live ammunition for chamber load inserted with banana type magazine loaded with nine(9) live ammunition

-1 extra banana type magazine loaded with nine(9) live ammunition

An ambulance was called to bring the Wounded suspects to hospital for medical treatment.

Likewise, all evidence had been brought to the RSOG-NCRPO for safekeeping while the illegal drugs will be submitted to the Crime lab for examination.

Meanwhile, NCRPO Regional Director PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS commended the operating Teams for this remarkable accomplishment of Team NCRPO’s war against illegal drugs. “This accomplishment is reflective of Team NCRPO’s dedication and unwavering support of the marching order of the President and the Chief, PNP to cleanse the Metro from proliferation of illegal drugs,” he said.

“With the largest amount of shabu busted by Team NCRPO so far this year, we have also minimized its possibility of destroying the lives and future of our fellowmen,” he added.