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February 12, 2019

5 Gun Running Syndicated Members were KILLED after an exchange of fire with the police on a buy bust operation done by QCPD in Brgy. Fairview, QC. 

sketchy report WHAT: re-Violation of RA 10591 (Sell of FAs) that resulted to armed confrontation against
Michael Desuyo gun running group. WHEN: OOA 5:10pm, February 12, 2019 WHERE: at de Vega Compound, corner Dahlia st. and Iris st., Brgy. Fairview, QC. WHO: SUSPECTS: Michael Desuyo with four (4) other armed male persons (DOS) HOW: NARRATIVE: On said time & date, a buy bust opn was conducted against said suspects wherein they sold to a police poseur buyer twelve (12) units of Cal 38 revolver (Armscor 202) however, upon the arrival of the back up team to effect the arrest said suspects shoot at the DSOU oprtvs who immediately retaliate that resulted to a gunfire causing the instantaneous death of the above-mentioned suspects. Recovered evidences are the following: buybust money (1 pc 1000 bill dusted money and 95 pcs of 1000 bill boodle money); 12 pcs Cal 38 202 Armscor revolver; 2 pcs Cal 45 pistol w/ mags & ammos and 3 pcs Cal 38 revolver recovered from the killed suspects. PO1 Ronald Pornea who acted as poseur buyer was injured and hit at the left arm during the encounted and was immediately brought to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. 

#teamNCRPO  #PIOncrpo  #GunRunnersKilled